Sunday, October 13, 2013

27. yeh zakhm heiN yaar e meherbaN kay

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  1. Army officers are trained as Knight the closest of which in indo Pak history were Baankay,s but the problem is they are human being and very often turn their chivalry in wrong directions like being unfair for friends or defiance of command etc which is generally outcome of fear or at the most inadequacy for coming up to standards those people set up for them selves unintentionally .This is the phenomenon which makes the defeat unacceptable under any conditions.A good trait but in exercises too they will not like to be pointed and often end up cheating on themselves by using unfair means in exercise like disguising as civilians to have a look on opposition defences etc and with this kind of stuff in actual war the follies prove costly. like it was mentioned in previous chapter that necessary work was not done before selection of river TAWI crossing and it Pak Army was unable to secure area east of TAWI