Tuesday, October 1, 2013

19. jultey huay peroN say uRa huN, mujhey bhi dhek


  1. Most of the corruption in Pakistan was overlooked during martial laws and cold war era,s.unfortunately the solution can be through procedural change and not through supervision.The people who could do it never wanted to do it for obvious reasons .More strict laws more corruption,I am reminded of an other incident of back in 1993when Nawaz sharif,s government was dissolved by Ishaq khan and all of officers were standing during tea Break and majority of officers were with Nawaz sharif but were keeping quite in tight military discipline but the ''author'' broke the silence '' look at this president now he would want us to open fire on protesters.The officers were already outraged on overthrow of Nawaz sharif so everybody started talking little too loud when brigade commander noticed this charged little gathering and he came down and shared his thoughts to calm us down ,

  2. sorry for broken english .
    it happens once there is too much to say in little space and time