Sunday, January 26, 2014

83. yaqeiN paida ker aye ghafil keh mughloob e jahaN too hai

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  1. The pages are a mirror-image reflection of our society. Musharraf's greatest disservice to his country was lifting the ceiling on number of visas for visiting or diplomatic Americans. Directorate of Air Intelligence began to issue call signs to American planes flying over Pakistant to neighbouring Afghanistan or any other country. NSA activities became even more formidable. In every nook and corner of our society, they planted moles. Sections of people from all walks of life, including journalists, doctors and engineers, came on US payroll. Students particularly those from China, including female students at the IIU, Islamabad, were enrolled. An IIU student Ishtiaq Parker tipped American Embassy about presence of Ramzi Yousaf (Abdul Basit of Pakistan) at Sukasu guest house Islamabad. At that time, the FBI did n't mount an operation to catch the wanted itself. But, asked ISI to help. The actual detention up to the point of his fligt to USA for trial was carried out by ISI. In later period, thanks Mush, the Americans began catching, torturing people themselves. Sycophancy became sikka raijul waqt in khaki and civilian services. USA nominally ended slavery but actually its motto is to enslave other nations. And loot their resources. A newsweek article points out America is eyeing the bonanza in Afghan mountains. Hunza mountains will one day be sold out to Agha Khan. Already so many projects completed under AKRF -CIDA collaboration, Not Pak-CIDA collaboration. But a silver lining. What America is doing has been done by various civilisations under different periods of history. Greece, Rome lived on plundering other countries. Slavery was the norm. The will to fight in Sicily and Sparta brought about downfall of Greece. In Sicilan waters Grecian armada was besieged and about half of the Grecian citizens were sent to Sicily to mine and die there. Quran talks about downfall of Samood, Pharoahs and others. American society itself is a fragmented collection of so many ethnic and ideological groups. They will remain contented only as long as the USA feeds them with victories a la Napoleon or Hannibal. USA has one advantage `a handful of people' steers its policies. The American masses are a bewildered herd (Noam Chomsky). Their leaders are honest. Pak disadvantage is that Pakistani leaders are incompetent, purblind and self centred. Solution to Pak problems is emergence of a movement to throw up sincere leaders who think about problems ab initio, like why not demand write off of o loans or pay them at rate they were given, why not tax the landlords and industrialsists, excluding the common man, why not tax the current assets at 25% of both landed and industrial assets (capital levy a la Nicholas Kaldor, White), why not confiscate land holdings that a re bakhsheeshs of British raaj. Look into the landed and industrial aristocracy origin. They are products of British or military regime, Ayub , favours. Tiwanas etymology two annas per gullibe villager they recruited for British army to fight in World War II. Talbott has written a book on Khizr Hayat Tiwana to eulogise them. Major Gen Umar Hayat Tawana testified in favour of the British executor of Jallaianwala massacre, when the latter was under trial in Britain for excessive use of force. Hayats of Wah Cantt: `Hayata did well' wrote Gen Nicholson. Take Muslim League. It was historically never a populist party. Sir Syed advised Muslim masses to stay away from it until they have equalised Hindus in edn and wealth. Its leaders mostly sycophants trained in the art of flattery and venality at the durbar of Nizam Hyderabad. Pakistan needs an Occupy and Precariat like movement, not any legislature-seats seeking leaders.