Wednesday, November 20, 2013

51. eik sho'la, phir ek dhueiN ki lakeer

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  1. The local bodies system which general Amjad gave was not new,Around 93 or may 1994 a gentleman came from England and floated the idea in an apparently non political meeting of so called leftist friends of mine.It was same patron of district Nazims etc ,The Idea was to engage the fuedals in local politics and the power to be transferred at grass root level.Few emotional people asked the gentleman why he took so much trouble to think about Pakistan and not his adopted country,Though the Idea was rejected but after General Musharaf came to power and I relate the events ,I am of the opinion that for some unknown reason grounds were being prepared for Military take over which was must for few geo political objectives of West which Taliban could not achieve.Even a toothless democratic government is little afraid of people and will not act so openly against National interests as general Musharaf did.Process started right after General Begs retirement and slowly Slowly religious minded people were sidelined and ''professionals ''started coming up.It does not mean they were unpatriotic but their secular tendencies were used to sideline Zia,s legacy.Whoever served the purpose and later could not be used any further was sidelined Janjua , jehanger Karamat, Ishaq Khan ,Waheed Kaakar and finally General Musharaf.Unfortunate ,fact is that US objectives in central asia and Afghanistan are way different and does not suit our interests, no idea for how long poor Afghani,s and Pakistani,s have to bleed and we in Pakistan have to move in circles