Sunday, September 15, 2013

11. zameiN meiN paoN dhunsey heiN, hawa meiN haath buland

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  1. without getting into unfair machoism it is good prospective of a war story.The war stories has not been uncommon in urdu language and if we include stories of Karbala then urdu is quite rich but those stories were not written by the themselves and were grossly exaggerated .The second type of stories were written by participants but little too objectively and all reader could get was ''event narration'' without individual feelings .The reason may be that express of emotions is considered ''unmanly'' from very much emotionally charged class and that is soldiers.Where as the first class of war stories by Muhammad hussain azad and few others are literature classics and second class consists of war diaries with little literary value.This story has both though author shy,s off when expressing his feeling and move on to narration of events