Thursday, January 31, 2013

yeh khamoshi kahaN tak?

Sole distribution rights for the book have now been given to:
Saeed Book Bank,
F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.

They may be contacted at:
Cell:     +92 (0) 333 51 90649
Phone: +92-51-2651656-57-58 (3 lines)
Fax:     +92-51-2651660

My regrets at cancelling previous arrangements, due to unexpected pace of demand.


  1. A perception can never be well grounded. Ideally Perceptions ought to be built on realities and facts. In practice, this is seldom the case. The distance between a real incidence, its plot and the clutter that it goes through before reaching the eyes and ears of public is always a deconstructing process. Once the message reaches the intended audience, it is subjected to historical predispositions, spins, biases and most cognitive control of individuals and effects of the environment. The message being passed by you will also meet the same fate.

    There are no two views that Musharraf the Reformer as perceived both by you and me, and one that brought glint into our eyes Never Was. Kargil over the lives of many gallant officers and men was eclipsed by the military coup and the type of governance Pakistan endured from 1999 to-date. The first 100 days were built on romanticism. Then things began to change as most of us saw Musharraf drift away within his concentric circles that lacked detail and were manipulative. You know how much Shaukat Aziz despised me. Pakistan's bubble was cantankerously burst in 2007. The trigger was PSO.

    I would love you to take up the issue of PSO openly and the corruption that has cost Pakistan scores of trillions of rupees.

    Every Pakistani will then pray for you.

  2. iqbalnasir59@yahoo.esFebruary 4, 2013 at 11:00 PM

    plz send me i need it,how i can get it.

  3. Please shed light on the basic issue which is:

    1) 9/11 and its reality and subsequent response of muslim and non muslim world.
    2) OBL and his group's reality and its members/ modus-operandi and OBL raid and future as you view it.
    3) US and its allies, muslim countries and their roles, China, Israel, pak's neighbours and their interferences/outlooks.

    1. In the book I have written only what I have seen, and can bear witness to. I would like to remain confined to it, since otherwise I may be stepping into untruth.

  4. Shahid Aziz jee, you seem to be a very bold and brave man. It is never too late to realize and be with the right. I just wanted to ask you, for the readers who do not know Urdu, will there be an English version of your book available ? Will you make your book available widely online by means of an "AudioBook" or EBook. Some folks like myself can not read Urdu well but are able to understand it when listening to it.


  5. yar koi hum jasa gareeebo ka lian E-Book hi upload kar da taka hum bhi par saka

    1. It will start appearing on this blog, in sha Allah. Currently the distributor has his rights for some more time.

    2. Ali Raza kia aap ne book perh li?
      ager nahi to mein aap ke lie pay kerne ko tyar hun

  6. This book is indeed a right step in right direction, being the youngest nation on this planet, there is dire need to track youth towards the path of honesty and truthfulness.

    May Allah shower his blessings on all of us.........Ameen.

  7. I salute you sir Shahid. Not as a Gen. but as a true human being you are great. You proved to be "The Momin of Aal-e-Firon" according to Qur'an.

    I know you will have to face a hard time. But please keep holding the rope of Allah. The success will be yours insha Allah


  8. Salam,

    I am keen to contact you to discuss few important issues. Hope you can reply my e mail pl. I tried sending an e mail as noted in the book. My e mail contact is

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Maj Ejaz Rasool (R)

  9. any chance of getting this book in Australia?

    1. Book is available by post any where in Pakistan, for Rs 500. You may like to ask a friend to get you a copy. See ad on this blog

    2. Dear Shahid Sahib, your book is not available in Pakistan. if available in any other country plz inform me. The email given by you is not responding i.e.